Had an awesome summer 2018 thanks to you guys especially my Supervisor. I learned so much from the work and travel program. Thanks again for the opportunity. 


Tariqe, Jamaica

 am Sam, premier guard. I write this email to say thank you to you and all of you guys. Thank you so much! for eveything you have done to me. You are so kind, generous and such a professional. You have a great great teamwork!, especially the one who picked me up at the metro once I arrived was Yana, the one who interviewed me via Skype was Sarina and my amazing supervisor was Ralph. It was a great time working as a lifeguard here with your company which is the great one through the summer. I would say I never have done and never had the moment like this before. I appreciate it!


Sam, Thailand

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity visit the USA through your company. I have been there two times, two beautiful summers. Summers full of hard/easy work, summers full of discovering. Discovering new places, cities from the movies, beautiful countries, got much better language skills, many and many people from the whole world, got many of new friendships continuing till today.


Peter, Slovakia

 I worked as a lifeguard for premier aquatics the last summer at Oakwood Falls Church. It was pleasure for me. I was lucky that time. I felt in love with that place even people and I enjoyed the summer to the fullest. Let me say thank to you and all who gave me chance work there and spend there almost 4 amazing months. It was great experience. That´s the reason why I decided to go this summer as well.


Patricia, Slovakia.

First of all , i would like to say thank you for everything.  First when i thought that going to USA , it was like a dream for me. I couldnt even imagine to come there.  But it has been second summer for me . You helped me to discover myself. I have met with a lot of people from different culture again. I have worked in the pool which has a lot people who have good heart. And still im dreaming about that times. I couldnt get used to Turkey :D . Maybe its not main purpose for you but you are touching people's life , you make them get rid of being ordinary people , going out to comfort zone and  realese theirself how they are strong. Altough most of people think that  Its hard to live in another country and also work , you make it easier. I have improved my english by premier aquatics and make schedule for my life. It was a chance for me  to meet with you. When some of J1 student were having problem in usa , we are as a premier guards were having fun . I wish everyone could have this chance with you.


Alper, Turkey

It was really exciting experience of work as lifeguard. I want to ask you if it is possible to continue this experience next summer. I want to work in your company again because i really like the atmosphere inside. I found a lot of friends and i hope to find more next summer.


Oleksii, Ukraine
I worked as a lifeguard in Fort Ellsworth Condominium. I was very happy that i worked in your team, with good and friendly people. It was the best summer for me and i hope for everybody. I got good experience and good chance be at America for summer. I had good neighbors, best supervisor. He every time helped me. It was grate spend time  with our team, in your company. It was pleaser for me. I really miss. I wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GOOD SUMMER AND GOOD CHANSE BE IN AMERICA. I'll try to use next year and came back to your team.



Taras, Ukraine

Just wanted to thank you guys for such an amazing summer . Its been great fun working and having such a wonderful time here . Thanks for giving me the opportunity to grow up and learn so much within these 3 consecutive summers. I do hope i can be back next year. Until then , take care . See you guys in istanbul very soon i hope.


Mohammed, Mauritius

I just want to say thank you for everything what premier aquatics did for us this summer. I am very satisfied with everything .Thank you to gave me opportunity  to be pool manager at The Lakes @ Red rock in Leesburg when I met amazing people and spent great summer. We enjoyed traveling on west coast as most as we could and we will have these two summers forever in our memories. 


Kristina, Slovakia
Pool Manager

Good evening Michal and Trudy,  I am just leaving Los Angeles and I would like to write a couple of words to you.  Mainly I would like to say a huge thank you for this summer and everything. It was great opportunity to work abroad for premier aquatics and thank you for giving me your trust and approval. The pools in Leesburg were great  and we were all satisfied. Traveling to West coast was also awesome and much more exiting than last year's Florida and cruise.



Tomas, Slovakia
Pool Manager

I passed awesome three months in this amazing country as a lifeguard of your company.

First of all i want to thank you for your interest to try to do best everything for us . That was my first experince in the business world. 


Samet, Turkey.

It was very great to work in your company, Michal. I've got beautiful place with good visitors. During all summer I haven't got any problems or accidents.
Everything was perfect for me.
I will reccomend choose Premier Aquatics to all my friends in Poland and Ukraine, who wants to become a Work and Travel participant.
You providing very nice appartments.
Nice work places. And of course the most easy work what you can get.
To be honest, for me it was like a resort :) I just was enjoying every day.


Maksym, Poland
Pool Manager

I would like to thank you for the incredible opportunity which you have given to me and for the trust which you had in me to work as a pool manager this year at Premier Aquatic. This position allowed me to grow professionally and I was able to develop excellent skills which I know will help me in my future carriers. Thank you for making me a part of the Premier family, for all of the events which were organized and for the Olympic games which I had the fortune of attending. I am also very grateful to have met amazing people along the way, people whom I can now call my friends


Dimitar, Bulgaria
Pool Manager

Dear Trudy,

I am writing to you to express my feelings after Olympics.
Thank you so much for such perfect event! I wish there are a lot of such
days, despite I was a little sleepy during rest of the day:) Today is 1 of
August and I realized that my amazing summer is so close to finish right
now. I expected such situation on March after training in Kiev, there were
only 4 days, but I had emptiness and sadness in my heart that it had
finished. And now with month and week in reserve I have the same mood.
Thank you so much for such opportunity to visit this great country, to get
experience in living by own, working, traveling, meeting lots of people
that I would never forget! I am so glad that took part in this program! As
I have already mentioned, there is one month more, but maybe we would not
meet, so I wish you, Michal and all of company good luck and want it to
keep making lives of average students at least for 3 month unforgettable!


Kyrylo, Ukraine

My last summer was amazing. Thanks to work and travel program I got to know new places, improved my English and what is the most important I met lot of people, cultures. This experience made me thinking about next summer (2016) in the USA.
I enjoyed working at The Lakes at Red Rock pool (Leesburg), people were very friendly, surrounding was nice.


Daniel, Slovakia

Thanks for everything that you do for me last two summers! It was the best time in my life and I was happy to work with Premier Aquatics If you need some help in Ukraine just let me now and I will do everything that I can do for you!


Taras, Ukraine

This summer I worked in your company and I want to say a huge thank you for giving me this opportunity. During this summer I visited the most beautiful corners of America and meet interesting people. Thank you PREMIER AQUATICS and everyone who worked with us was a fun and memorable!


Yulia, Ukraine
Me - Katarína, Tomáš, Ivan and Patrik we would like to thank You so much!
Thank You for what You are doing, You are doing it very well.
We had a great summer time in USA, we hopefully looking forward to come back.
We are sending to You some amazing pictures from our vacation (Baltimore, Philadephia, New York, Miami), we made some pictures just for You.

Katarína, Tomáš, Ivan and Patrik from Slovakia

First of all Thank you for this great summer.. We are going to end of the summer , it was really funny and benefical for my skills. I learnt a lot of things with u i had a lot of experiences .. I need to say  that yes it was just a little bit hard and tiring but if someone wants to get experiences about abroad and english. When i was coming here , my purpose was improve my skills and meet american culture .. and i succeed . I believe in that i am more responsible and i have larger vision.


Alp, Turkey

I am happy to work in the company Premier Aquatics. This is one of the few companies that takes care of their employees.Avenir Place is a great place with friendly people and a nice pool, I love to work here as a lifeguard.Here I met a lot of new friends.Thank you so much,for taking into account our opinion for resettlement in apartment and excellent accommodation and good location of our house.


Tetiana, Ukraine.