Customer Referals

Branislav (forgive me if I misspelled his name).  He is a very responsible and hardworking lifeguard.  He has been very easy to work with and has a very pleasant personality .  I would recommend him for future employment, should he want to return.   Thank you again for your help in resolving the issues we did have.   It has been a pleasure working with you over the past several years.


Property Manager

I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the entire lifeguard staff this summer. Not only were they attentive in keeping everyone safe, but on top of that they were kind, polite, and went out of their way to help by moving umbrellas to shade newborn babies and pick up trash (which they shouldn't have to do).


Pool patron, River Creek

Once again Premier Aquatics has done it again ANOTHER GREAT YEAR!

Throughout this summer Richard has been doing a great job , always on time, keeps the pool area orderly as well as the community was  pleased with his personality and work ethic . It was great having Richard this year, and as the Manager of CHC it’s great when you can have confidence in someone like Richard and not having to micromanage. We would (if posable) like to have him life guard the pool next year.


CHC Manager

Premier Management,

Thank you for our lifeguards at Laurel Highlands. I want to particularly highlight Kate Khauleh.  She has gone above and beyond with her maturity, professionalism, self-control and customer service.  Additionally, she has put safety first for all the participants at our pool and especially for our children.  

Kate cares and it consistently shows by her actions and conversations.  It must be very difficult coming to a country where your English is limited, but she overcomes these obstacles on a daily basis with all her interactions with our community and with our management team.

I have been very impressed with Kate.


Laurel Highlands
We would also like to have a going-away party for Beam on Thursday. He has been a fabulous guard. The best ever. He's been extremely motivated and has gone above and beyond.

Fort Ellsworth


Ken Burns
Edgewood Pool

I just wanted to let you know I have been receiving lots of feedback on the guards this year. Everyone has been really impressed with them. The pool and deck have been very clean and the guards have been polite and attentive to the patrons. I had the chance to speak with Matt the evening (manager in duty) and thanked him for their efforts, but I wanted to let you know as well. 

As I am sure you are aware There have been a few mechanical issues with missing drain cover in the baby pool or the caulk on the new slide and they guards have been in top of reporting the problem and premier has been very quick to respond. I appreciate you and your teams efforts!


Glenkirk HOA

As you probably know, we had the summer Kick-off party at pool 3 on Saturday.  I just wanted to tell you how helpful, and friendly the lifeguards were before, during and after the party.  They were welcoming when we arrived for set-up and after the party ended they helped clean-up, and were all around a pleasure to have at the event.  I just thought they deserved a little shout out for their willingness to jump in and help.


Fairlington Village

I just wanted to write to tell you what a wonderful job/person Emin is and how much we enjoyed having him as our lifeguard this summer. I have lived at PSTHA since 1997 and although we have had some very nice lifeguards, we have never had one as good as Emin. He not only kept the pool and the grounds immaculate, he made sure the pool house and restrooms were always clean. He was courteous and friendly and went out of his way to be helpful to all the residents. I just can't say enough and would add that this isn't just my opinion, but shared universally by people who used the pool. I hope you will recognize him in anyway you deem appropriate and if he comes back next summer, we want him!! Thank you for everything!!


Princess Street HOA

I’m very happy to write this letter of recommendation for our lifeguard Alona. I have known Alona since June 2016.  She worked at our pool at the Hamptons at McLean as a lifeguard. 

Alona was always punctual and conscientious. She always conducted herself in a very professional manner. I know that our twins were always closely watched and safe in her presence. I saw her interact with other neighbors and she was always pleasant and professional. 

We hope that Alona will be able to return to Hampton’s pool next summer as our lifeguard. 

I believe that Alona will do well in whatever she undertakes, so I recommend her without reservation.


Hamptons at McLean



Abby, Emma, Bryan and Andrew
South Meadows
This email is to report my summary of observations of the 2016 pool season to the FCHOA and Premier Aquatics.
I am at the pool for approximately 2 hours 5 days out of 6.  Mostly mid afternoon to early evening; was on the pool committee for 8 years as a member of the HOA Board. And for the past 2 years just have carried on what I did on the Board as far as hands on at the pool and reporting it to the Board.
Linda, a second year guard with Premier, is the best lifeguard we've had to date, in my and one other homeowners opinions, (in our respective memories of the past pool seasons). Linda was always professional and courteous to all patrons, and enforced the pool rules effectively and efficiently (examples can be provided).  Patrons were not bothered or hindered in their enjoyment of the pool because of lifeguard and other pool personnel inefficiencies (examples of efficiencies can be provided).  In my opinion this pool season has been a superior year in terms of quality.
Keng, a first year guard, with no experience in lifeguarding, and first time in the United States, was also arguably the best lifeguard we've had to date (in his category).  Keng, was always professional and courteous to all patrons, and enforced pool rules with an understanding of enjoyment for all patrons.  Keng is mature, he was here to work, and obviously took pride in keeping the pool very clean, and the deck swept, trash cans clean, and more. He was very efficient and very well liked by the community.
Linda and Keng, and Ralph, made a superior team.  
Ralph was the supervisor who managed Linda and Keng at our pool, and from my observation he knew how to keep his team professional and efficient and appreciated at all times.
In my interactions with Ralph, I found him to be focused on maintaining complete client satisfaction.  And, I was highly pleased with the results.  I had to only mention something one time and it would be done the next time to my satisfaction.

Franconia Commons
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we have been very pleased that Ralph has been our supervisor.  Please let your people at Premier know that Ralph has been extremely professional and responsive in monitoring our pool and ensuring and safety for our members.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ralph this season.


I have been enjoying the pool often this summer and would like to acknowledge the lifeguard staff who are  caring for the pool and safety of the patrons this year. Whether there are just a few people in the pool, or many families, they are consistently attentive, polite, personable, ensure rules are followed and passes are checked.Moreover, the pool is kept full, clean, and any debris is picked up quickly. They also keep the deck organized and in order.
Thank you to those who worked to pick the company and made the pool function so well this year.


I want to pass on to you a compliment I got from a member concerning your lifeguards.  The member pointed out Vicka in particular for being very encouraging to her child during a swim test while still holding her to the expectations.  She went on to comment that all of the guards have done a great job enforcing the rules in positive manner this season.

Little Hunting Park

"Just want to say "thank you" for yesterday. Our party went well and the lifeguards did a great job for us.
Barlas goes above and beyond to make sure I'm happy and I appreciate that. He's a great worker. Very conscience. He handled our "emergency" very well and got us up and running as soon as possible without jeopardizing anything. Just thought I'd tell you that.

Many thanks for your support.


Laurel Highlands

President, Karl Eager
Kincaid Forest

As the summer swimming season winds down, I wanted to take a moment and recognize the excellent swimming pool staff we had this summer.
Our family goes to the pool very frequently during each week of the summer and was able to observe and interact with most of the supervisors and lifeguards.  They were uniformly courteous and professional.
The summer began with Victoria very cheerfully introducing herself to me.  She has continuously been a welcoming face at the pool.  Thomas is equally thoughtful and professional.
Thanks to them and to you for hiring and retaining such a good team.


Pool Member
McLean Swim and Tennis Club

Is there any chance of us getting other foreign guards? Our pool really loves our foreign guards.  Also, I think it is important for Vasili to have camaraderie with other foreign the foreign guards come into the states, please consider placing some at our pool; ones that you think will fit well at our pool.  We love hosting them, learning from them, and love watching their English improve.
Thank you very much,


Board Member
Brandywine Swim Club

Dale Hodges
Residenatial Customer